Halifax Wanderers v. Valour (Voyageur’s Cup, June 5 2019)

Here we go again. A third game in eight days for Wanderers, a fourth in twelve, and I’m feeling tired just watching them.

Expect some cup-based rotation tonight, but given where both teams are in the league, while it’s not exactly over, it makes sense to prioritize these games. Maybe we see Vincent Lamy? Or the guy who nobody knows anything about, Abd-El Aziz Yousef?

Find out on the liveblog, from 5:45pm or so. You can now tweet the blog using the hashtag HFXVALlive. (I was using WANVALlive and will put that on, too, but using WAN as an abbreviation just makes everything sound silly.) Or join in the chatroom, which I’m slowly getting better about remembering to check during the game.

(Note: The liveblog window works best without adblockers and with third-party cookies enabled. I don’t send any ads or run tracking scripts off this site.)

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