Wanderers v. Forge (Sept. 18, 2019)

September 18, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

As mentioned on Twitter, I’ll be along a bit later tonight because of refereeing commitments[mfn]I thought the Wanderers game was at 7, okay?[/mfn] so, you know, chat amongst yourselves. I leave you in the monkeys’ capable hands.

Stock photo. Airplanes in gate at Halifax's airport.

Wanderers v. Valour (August 5, 2019)

August 5, 2019 admin 0

I actually like long road trips–they’re a part of sports if not always the traditional, European model of soccer–and they add some structure to the season. Unfortunately, Wanderers’ last was not very good. They’re now winless in the league for four games–six in all competitions–with a couple blowouts there at the end as the minds and legs went.

York9 v. Wanderers FC (July 27, 2019)

July 27, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

Both these teams played midweek, and the midweek before that, forever and ever and ever. Who runs out of energy first? That’s the question for every terrier. Join me from 4:15pm for discussion of small pitches, small teams, and small dogs.

Voyageur’s Cup: Ottawa Fury v. Halifax Wanderers

July 24, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

After the first leg, Ottawa were in their changing room singing “ol├ęs”. They played well in Halifax, no doubt, but Wanderers will still feel they can nab this with a strong start. They’ll need one after a sultry, sagging week of travel and poor results.