Really, CanPL, this is too many games

July 16, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

It’s becoming painfully obvious how the schedule is taking its toll on the players. Some of it is, quite literally, pain: while exact numbers are hard to pin down, every team is missing at least three or four guys off a 23-man roster. Stars like Dominique Malonga and Elimane Cissé limped off this week, too.

Rob Gale coaching in preseason.

Midweek, Midfield, and More: Week 4 in CanPL

May 14, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

I’ve always liked midweek games. Apparently I’m the only one–attendance is regularly brutal at these the world over, and the Canadian Premier League is no exception. Forge drew nearly 6,000 on Wednesday before getting rained on Saturday, which actually isn’t bad at all, but boy does it look rough in a 27,000-seat stadium. Cavalry drew only 2,055.