Step Into the Light–and more from CanPL Week 18

August 21, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

A year ago, Terran Campbell was an obscure prospect you only knew about if you were a hard-core Voyageur or really into Canadian Football Manager sims.

Now he’s leading the Canadian Premier League in scoring, unseating regular name, if not regular goalscorer, Marcus Haber. He’s 21, and but for this league would very likely either be out of the game or lighting up USPORTs en route to a business degree and a career selling your mother a Kia.

Grumpiness and goals: CanPL Week 13

July 23, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

Everybody’s talking about Canadian wonder goals this week. In keeping with the grizzled sea captain shtick I’ve got going on here, the contrarian in me thinks all three weren’t all that. Let’s evaluate.

Really, CanPL, this is too many games

July 16, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

It’s becoming painfully obvious how the schedule is taking its toll on the players. Some of it is, quite literally, pain: while exact numbers are hard to pin down, every team is missing at least three or four guys off a 23-man roster. Stars like Dominique Malonga and Elimane Cissé limped off this week, too.