Wanderers U23 v. CS Saint-Laurent

All through last week’s liveblog, I had CS Saint-Laurent down as CS Longueil. As with most things we publish, The Merchant Sailor regrets the error.

It’s an easy mistake, as both teams are near the top of PLSQ, which is why it’s a bit surprising to me Saint-Laurent wanted to come eight hours east and play a relatively meaningless game in heat and humidity, but more power to them, and more power to Wanderers for getting it done.

Long-term, this is about proving the concept of local U23 soccer in Atlantic Canada. Short-term, I expect there’s an incentive for the Quebec players to get a look from a CanPL club that has made good use of the Quebec pipeline before and will likely be rebuilding (again) this winter.

We’ll have a liveblog from roughly 6:15pm, or whenever I get around to it.

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