The Voyageur's Cup

Vaughan Azzurri v. Halifax Wanderers

May 15, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

One thing about the Voyageur’s Cup is that it’s never short of drama. This is its 11th year, I’ve watched most of it every year, and I think I’ve seen one, maybe two games that weren’t completely crazy?

Rob Gale coaching in preseason.

Midweek, Midfield, and More: Week 4 in CanPL

May 14, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

I’ve always liked midweek games. Apparently I’m the only one–attendance is regularly brutal at these the world over, and the Canadian Premier League is no exception. Forge drew nearly 6,000 on Wednesday before getting rained on Saturday, which actually isn’t bad at all, but boy does it look rough in a 27,000-seat stadium. Cavalry drew only 2,055.

Halifax cenotaph at Grand Parade.

Valour FC v. Halifax Wanderers

May 11, 2019 Dylan Matthias 0

Another week, another liveblog. This time I’m working off a stream just like the rest of you, as Wanderers head back out on the road for what I’m calling the Military Derby: Valour have built their club around Winnipeg’s military history and Halifax’s logo is based on an old fort (and also a bridge that’s constantly under repair), so why not?