CanPL: Wanderers v. Valour

Pictured: Ennui. (Photo: Thierry Ehrmann via Creative Commons)

I’m not going to lie: it’s been a tough season to be a Wanderers’ fan. There’s not much to get excited about and now the team is pretty much completely out of the playoff picture — it would take a minor miracle — there’s even less.

It’s a good time for local soccer, though. We’re on the cusp of NSSL playoffs, youth provincials, and another AUS season. Wanderers’ U23 program has just wrapped up a relatively successful test-run. That’s all part of the long-term here.

Try to keep that in mind today, especially because Valour need these points and are going to be gunning for a win in Halifax — something they’ve never managed. Liveblog will start around 2:45pm or whenever I get rid of the ennui.

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