Wanderers v. Cavalry (July 13, 2019)

If Nik Ledgerwood brings that hair back he can play in any team until he's 40, no questions asked.

Last time these two met, Cavalry got a win at Wanderers’ Grounds–the only CanPL team to manage that–and all but clinched the spring title. It was a game Halifax could easily have won, but–stop me if you’ve heard this one before–preventable first-half goals cost them.

Expect squad rotation from both teams coming off some bruising matches mid-week against Ame–MLS and USL opposition, plus travel for Cavalry and injury/fitness issues for Wanderers.

The liveblog kicks off either forwards or backwards under the recent changes1Not the very recent changes. The other recent changes. to the Laws of the Game, from 4:15pm. As usual, comments welcome.

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