Voyageur’s Cup – Wanderers v. Ottawa (July 10, 2019)

Some things were said.

One can debate the accuracy of the statement, and one can argue whether Ottawa were better off in USL or the Canadian Premier League, but make no mistake that everybody involved in CanPL has those quotes on a bulletin board tonight. Maybe even the Fury, too.

No part of that argument will be decided tonight, not least because it’s the first leg. And the whole saga will likely go on, given there have been whispers the Fury are no longer welcome in CanPL despite being one of the more storied developmental clubs in Canadian soccer, producing players like Zela Langwa, Elliot Simmons, and a whole host of memorable if guys and girls1The Fury long ran one of the better women’s academies in Canada. who have turned out for Dalhousie in USPORTs over the years.

There is a Halifax connection here, and a good old Maritime grudge of the sort that can and will see some more words exchanged tonight. More than all of that, it’s a chance to face Toronto FC–revenge for Ottawa and the chance of a lifetime for Wanderers in Year One.

I’ll be at Wanderers’ Grounds from shortly after five and will aim to have the liveblog up and running by 6:15pm or so to give you lots of time to drop by with your pregame comments.

(As usual, if you’re having trouble getting the liveblog window to display correctly, try disabling ad-blockers and enabling third-party cookies temporarily. I don’t send ads through the liveblog.)

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