CanPL 2020: Cavalry v. Pacific

Long day, folks, as the CanPL’s second round comes at us fast. Wanderers and Forge have drawn this afternoon, which means one (or neither!) of these teams can give itself a marked advantage with a win tonight. Let’s hope for neither.

I’ll have a liveblog up at 8:45pm for fans of either team, or Wanderers fans who want a place to moan about the refereeing. I will throw potatoes at anyone who spoils the TFC scoreline, as I have it PVRed.

Maintenance Note: I messed up the liveblog settings so there are now two! Hooray! Twice as many bad jokes. Basically, the first blog is the “pre-game show” wherein I make Kelly Hrudey-esque observations about the coming game. The second blog window contains the actual game, commencing roughly eight minutes in once I figured out how badly everything was going wrong.
We (don’t really) apologize for any inconvenience.

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