USPORTs Quarter-final: Cape Breton v. Calgary

Is the Calgary Dinos logo the worst in sports? It’s close. And it kills me, because the university itself has a crest that would be an all-time great football club logo.

Is that not classic? I can imagine Nik Ledgerwood playing for it, it’s so good. Perfectly Alberta, perfectly Calgary, and vaguely unsettling all at the same time. So of course the Dinos spent Zarquon-knows-how-much “re-identifying” the team’s brand.

They have a podcast, too. Ugh. I am no longer a fan of this team. They’ll probably in CanPL in a couple years.

Then again, we have the Capers: a team named after a small edible that goes well with fish-sticks. With a logo that’s perfectly Cape Breton, perfectly Canadian, and vaguely unsettling all at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen, the third liveblog of the day. 4:45pm, unless the other game(s) has gone to extra-time, in which case send help.


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