Halifax Wanderers FC v. York 9 (May 29 2019)

Simon Adjei lying face-down on the ground after missing agaisnt Pacific.
Pictured: York9 strikers in 2019.

Big, big night at Wanderer’s Grounds tonight. Both teams have played mostly on the road, which means that winning their games in hand now is critical if they want to rejoin what’s left of the title race.

Plus, York can’t defend and Wanderers can’t score. So it should be a pretty good game.

As usual, the liveblog will start about half an hour before kick-off, at 6:30pm. Drop by and join the chat or drop me a line.

(Note: If the liveblog window won’t display, try a different browser or disabling any adblockers, which may block the frame from loading. I don’t send ads here or over the liveblog.)

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