AUS Semifinal #2: Cape Breton v. UNB

This guy is going back to Kamloops.

We can only hope this is a better game than the early one. It’s delayed again because of yet another extra-time period in the women’s tournament, which has been the story of the weekend. Sadly we haven’t had much else to talk about.

That could change tonight. UNB beat Cape Breton 4-2 in Fredericton, a result that changed the Capers’ season–for the better, as they’d been very off the pace until that match. At the very least, there’s the revenge storyline, since 4-2 could easily have been a lot more on that day. But don’t think the Reds can’t do it again, either. Despite a third-place finish, they’ve been maybe the most consistent team in AUS.

The liveblog will go up at about 7:45pm, depending slightly on the outcome in the women’s game.

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